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Gary Melson

Gary Melson, 63, has always been a busy and hardworking man. He lives in Columbia, KY, with his wife. He has worked all his life, and years ago, he started a side business with his dad called M&M Tree Topper. Unfortunately, on what seemed like a regular work day, Gary’s life changed suddenly and dramatically when he fell out of his bucket truck, falling approximately 30 feet to the ground

Mr. Fricks

When he arrived at SKY, Mr. Fricks was unable to do anything for himself. He lacked function in his hand and fingers to feed himself, and could not walk or use the restroom. Mr. Fricks was completely paralyzed with no movement, wholly dependent upon the therapy and nursing teams. But Mr. Fricks was ready to work.

Left without feeling or function in her lower extremities, Kristina Watson chose SKY Rehab to help her regain her prior level of function.

Kristina Grace

On her first day back, Kristina’s therapist came in and confidently told her that they were going to walk that day. He preceded to help her take five steps–the farthest she had walked in nearly two months.