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Stephen Young

One January day, Stephen wasn’t feeling right. A type one diabetic, he figured his blood sugar was too low. Rushed to the hospital, he soon learned that wasn’t the case. He had suffered an acute infarct stroke.

Aprile Patton

At only 42-years-old, Aprile unexpectedly suffered a major stroke. The stroke robbed Aprile of her independence and almost took her life. In critical condition at Skyline’s ICU, she fought for her life.

Debra Kovanda

While working in her garden one day, Debra suddenly felt her right side go weak. She made her way back to the patio and took a picture of her face. The photo reinforced Debra’s suspicion — she was having a stroke.

William Berry

We all have hobbies or activities we love to take part in. Rarely do we contemplate the “what if’s” that could result in serious injury. William Berry was no exception.