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Michelle Weaver

Michelle had been healthy with no warning signs when she fell one day getting into the shower. The symptoms then came fast — numbness in her hands, feet, and tongue and trouble walking. She called 911 for help, and an ambulance transported her immediately to the hospital.

Ashley Durham

Two years ago, Ashley moved to Bowling Green with her family. She is a young stay-at-home mother of four children (three boys and one girl). With her supportive husband working, Ashley homeschooled their children during the pandemic. She never imagined how much, and how quickly, her life would change.

Amanda Evans

Following cholecystectomy surgery in January, Amanda began to exhibit complications just before discharge. It started with tingling in her hands and her feet. Soon, it progressed to severe pain, weakness, and the inability to ambulate. This change in physical condition led to 98 days spent in two acute care hospitals. After transferring to University of Louisville Hospital, Amanda was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome.