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Donna Bryan

With the support of her family, friends, and care team, Donna Bryan achieved her recovery goals after suffereing from COVID-19 and pneumonia.

Regina Bowles

Regina Bowles’s active lifestyle turned upside down after contracting COVID-19. She also suffered a stroke leaving her extremely weak. She came to SKY to work on her mobility and regain her independence.

Travis Brown

Travis Brown had no memory from his two months on a ventilator. After contracting COVID-19, he fought for his life with the help of his care team at SKY.

Michelle Clemmons

Michelle Clemmons had a long battle with COVID-19, but with the support of her care team at SKY, she is happily returning home. She will continue her recovery with SKY’s outpatient therapy and looks forward to seeing her care team once again.

Left without feeling or function in her lower extremities, Kristina Watson chose SKY Rehab to help her regain her prior level of function.

Kristina Grace

On her first day back, Kristina’s therapist came in and confidently told her that they were going to walk that day. He preceded to help her take five steps–the farthest she had walked in nearly two months.

Roger Minyard

In March, Roger Minyard underwent surgery to unblock his left anterior descending artery. When a blockage in this artery causes a heart attack, it’s often called “the widowmaker.” Though Roger’s surgery was a success, COVID-19 complicated his recovery. The virus caused Roger to spend five days on a ventilator and eight weeks at Vanderbilt Medical Center.