Virgil Brown

“When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.”

Virgil Brown, age 61, got his love of sport early on when he ran track. Now he enjoys watching basketball and football and plays pool as well. He has lived in Bowling Green, KY his whole life and was baptized at Delafield Baptist Church. He is very close to his sister and his mother, who he looked after when she suffered a stroke.

Virgil was going about his normal day until he went to pick up some DVDs at the store. He suddenly felt dizzy and began to fall but caught himself on his shopping cart. He went home, and since he wasn’t feeling like himself, decided to take it easy that weekend. His weekend quickly turned into a 911 call and a trip to the hospital. They informed Virgil that he suffered a stroke and possibly a mini-stroke earlier that weekend when he was at the store.

As a result of the stroke, Virgil’s right side was affected and his speech was off. From day one at Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital, Virgil worked hard to achieve his recovery goals. He explained, “All I can tell people is, listen to their therapist. They know what is best in your recovery. My mother was not given the opportunity as I had with my therapy. I am being strong for my mom and pushing myself to do the best I can each day.”

Virgil would like to extend a special thank you to Nicole, Tess, Christy, Gary, Susan, Haley, Ryan, Grace – all of his therapists in PT, OT, and ST for their support and care. Dr. Little and Dr. Perri encouraged, supported, and provided guidance for Virgil during his recovery. He said, “They are all like family to me.”

After a lot of hard work and commitment to his recovery, Virgil can now walk without a cane or wheelchair, can use his right hand to shake hands with others, and his speech improved significantly.

“I focus on what I can control, and I let go of what I can’t. One day at a time, the good Lord will see you through it,” he said.

After one month at SKY Rehab, Virgil was discharged from inpatient rehabilitation. He plans to continue his recovery in outpatient therapy at SKY Rehab. He looks forward to working on his care plan with the same therapists each day. “They give you a goal, and you gotta push yourself!” Virgil is a very positive person and gets his inspiration from his mother to do his best each day.

SKY Rehab is CARF accredited for stroke rehabilitation and has specific programs in place for those recovering from a stroke. For more information, click to contact us or give us a call at 270-782-6900.