Rickey Boards

People are usually placed in our lives for a reason. Sometimes those people are exactly what we need to help us get through life-altering events. After suffering a massive stroke, Rickey Boards credited his life to the glory of God and the amazing people at Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital.

An army veteran from Oakland, KY, Rickey is a proud deacon at his local church. He enjoyed playing pool and being outdoors doing activities like fishing. Rickey’s stroke left him questioning whether he would ever be able to enjoy those things again.

As a result of the stroke, Rickey was unable to walk, use his hands, communicate, or remember things accurately. He spent over a week at the VA hospital in Nashville, TN. Once he was stable enough to transfer to inpatient acute rehabilitation, Rickey knew exactly where he needed to be.

With a history of mild strokes over the past 20 years, Rickey was previously a patient at SKY and experienced great care. He also remembered how extensive and beneficial the therapy was and how much he loved the staff. He explained, “They know when to push you to your limits and when to tell you to slow down and breathe. They all have good abilities to help you hit your goals.”

Rickey’s recovery at SKY was a successful one. He is now able to use his arms again, communicate effectively, and keeps a memory book to assist with his recollection. He also moves around independently and can stand up and walk with assistance. Rickey’s goal is to continue recovering until he can walk through his church doors again.

“I recommend that anyone who has a stroke or brain injury come to SKY. I love the atmosphere, the people that work here, the great food, the housekeepers, the entire therapy team, and even the comfortable rooms,” Rickey expressed.

Although his stroke was life-altering, Rickey is thankful for the amazing people that he met along the way. “I cannot thank Melissa, Haley, and the rest of the amazing therapists and nurses enough for my recovery. It truly took the entire team here to get me back on track again.”

Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital is CARF accredited and proudly offers advanced stroke programs. Stroke survivors have the greatest potential for improvement when rehabilitation begins as soon as possible. For more information call 270-782-6900 or schedule a tour of our facility.