Quentin Christian sustained extensive injuries in a motor vehicle accident that required several surgeries, followed by an inpatient rehab stay at SKY.

Quentin Christian

The services provided at SKY Rehab play an important role in the overall recovery journey that a patient makes following an illness, injury, or surgery. What makes our jobs even more fulfilling is to work with a patient who understands the importance of the recovery process and is fully invested in the role he or she has to play in that process. Quentin Christian is one such patient.

While trying to avoid an animal and protect his child, who was also in the vehicle, Quentin sustained extensive injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident this past October. Following the accident, he was transferred to the University of Louisville Medical Center where he underwent several surgeries. The procedures left him unable to bear weight on either his right upper or lower extremities.

One week after the accident Quentin was admitted to SKY Rehab to start his recovery journey. Upon admission, Quentin was impressed with the patience and kindness that he received from every employee that he encountered. Sadly, Quentin lost his father just before his transfer from the University of Louisville Medical Center. SKY’s CEO, Stuart Locke, made a special allowance to have Quentin’s wife, Callie, present during the live stream of his father’s funeral.

Throughout his stay, Quentin’s experience with the staff reinforced his first impression. “They were all top-notch!” he said. “All of the nursing techs, nurses, therapy techs, therapists, and everyone in every department went above and beyond to take care of me! They truly cared about my injuries and my well-being!”

Two individuals that Quentin wished to give special acknowledgment to were his physical therapist, Susan Bandy, and his occupational therapist, Tess Brooks. Quentin admitted that he could be stubborn and hard-headed at times, but with their understanding and motivation he carried on to meet the tasks put before him. “They wouldn’t let me get in my own way,” he recalled. “They explained everything that was going on and gave me the confidence to know that I could do what they were asking me to do.”

“If ever someone was born to do something, Susan was born to be a therapist!”

Quentin noted how shortly after arriving at SKY, Susan helped him to sit up on the side of the bed, something he had not been able to do since first admitting to the hospital. Susan took this success and built upon it to help him accomplish his next major victory, mastering the use of a sliding board. This task, in the beginning, proved to be difficult due in part to his injuries, his size, and some anxiety. However, once Quentin completed this task he knew he was that much closer to being able to discharge home.

After completed two months of inpatient rehabilitation at SKY, Quentin was ready to discharge home. He recalled that his in-home therapy provider complimented his functioning following an evaluation. “He told me that he had never seen anyone in such good shape following a discharge from an inpatient rehab stay.”

Quentin continues his recovery journey at home, determined to meet his next two goals: walking with an assistive device while on a family beach vacation scheduled for this April and functioning independently before the first anniversary of his accident.

Congratulations Quentin on all that you have accomplished and continue the good work!