Ms. Lee

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.”­—Bob Marley

Ms. Lee, 60 years old, stayed busy working four jobs. She started her days at Logan County High School, then would go to Chandlers Elementary. She would end her days working at the Colonial Inn and Bethel Cleaners. Ms. Lee lives in Logan County, KY where she grew up. She has two children, ten grandkids, and one great-grandson.

Faith and family are a huge part of Ms. Lee’s life. She is an active member at the Gasper River Presbyterian Church in Auburn, KY. In her free time, she enjoys eating out, going to the movies, and fishing. Of course, she enjoys doing these hobbies with her family and friends.

Ms. Lee never imagined that her life could change so quickly after suffering a stroke. One June day, her right side became completely numb. She arrived at the Medical Center Bowling Green, where she stayed for a couple of weeks. Once she became stable, she transferred to Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital.

During her first couple weeks at SKY Rehab, Ms. Lee explained, “I was here, but I didn’t want to do anything or talk to anyone.” The stroke left her unable to do the things she once took for granted. She said, “Anger and frustration took over, until one day, my whole mindset changed because of my mother, my family, and from prayers.”

Ms. Lee lived with her mother, and they took care of each other. “My mom kept telling me – don’t give up! No matter how old you are, your mother will always be your biggest supporter.”

The staff at SKY Rehab provided the guidance and support Ms. Lee needed during her recovery. She said, “Melissa, Tammy, Leslie, and Sylvia have all kept me going and have given me homework to continue to work on my speech and handwriting.” Before her stroke, Ms. Lee wrote with her right hand. She found it difficult to use her left hand, but she stayed determined. She worked on it every day, writing things like her name, address, and days of the week.

Ms. Lee worked hard to achieve her recovery goals. She said, “I’m getting better every day. God tells me every day that I can do it.” She looks forward to returning home to her mother, children, and friends. She plans to continue working on her speech and writing through outpatient therapy at SKY Rehab. “I’m grateful that I can continue seeing the same therapist and hope to return back to work soon. Thank you, SKY Rehab.”