Michelle Weaver

In her 45 years, Michelle Weaver has lived a life filled with adventure and joy. Michelle met her husband when she was 17, and they’ve been married for 19 years with three children and one grandchild. Born in California — Michelle’s father served in the Marine Corps — she now lives with her family in Burkesville, KY.

Michelle had been healthy with no warning signs when she fell one day getting into the shower. The symptoms then came fast — numbness in her hands, feet, and tongue and trouble walking. She called 911 for help, and an ambulance transported her immediately to the hospital.

Michelle received a diagnosis at the hospital: Guillain-Barre syndrome, a urinary tract infection, and sepsis. For further testing and monitoring, Michelle was sent to a hospital in Lexington. There, she spent two weeks in an induced coma and nearly passed away. Michelle had a tracheostomy, required a feeding tube for nutrition and a Hoyer lift, and was completely dependent for all self-care activities.

Eventually, Michelle stabilized and could safely transition to Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital (SKY Rehab) for intensive inpatient rehabilitation. Since her arrival, Michelle has resumed a regular diet, can use a sliding board for transfers to and from her wheelchair, and can stand with some assistance, as well as sit on the side of her bed. She had her trach removed, and her stoma has closed.

Michelle sings her praises for the therapy team and nursing staff, particularly John (physical therapy), Sydney (occupational therapy), and Robin (speech therapy).

Having met many of her goals, Michelle can finally, safely return home after months away. “Never give up. Never stop trying,” she stated. And she won’t. Michelle’s recovery journey isn’t quite finished yet. She’ll continue with outpatient therapy closer to her hometown but looks forward to coming back to visit with the staff at SKY Rehab very soon.