Mr. Fricks

A few years ago, Mr. Fricks moved to Kentucky from California. Throughout the years, he’s worked in factories and, most recently, in construction. He is married and is a big sports fan, rooting for the LA teams and the Dallas Cowboys.

One evening, tragedy struck. Mr. Fricks was shot in the neck and sustained a spinal cord injury. A series of hospitalizations followed, including Skyline in Nashville, TN and Select Specialty Hospital in Evansville, IN. SKY Rehab followed his progress throughout, and eventually, Mr. Fricks admitted to SKY for intensive rehabilitation.

When he arrived at SKY, Mr. Fricks was unable to do anything for himself. He lacked function in his hand and fingers to feed himself, and could not walk or use the restroom. Mr. Fricks was completely paralyzed with no movement, wholly dependent upon the therapy and nursing teams.

But Mr. Fricks was ready to work.

Equipped with a c-collar neck brace, Mr. Fricks participated in 15 hours of therapy per week, including physical therapy and occupational therapy. Early in his stay at SKY, he also participated in speech therapy.

Mr. Fricks leaned into his motivation and support to achieve his goals. “Beast Mode” was his mantra for pushing through each day. The inspiration of his loved ones helped, too. “My wife and mother have been my biggest support system throughout this journey,” Mr. Fricks said.

Additionally, Mr. Fricks developed a close relationship with the therapists he depended on so much. “Autumn, Alexsey, and Tammy got me through this road to recovery,” he shared. “The medical, clinical staff and therapists have been good to me throughout my recovery.”

Today, Mr. Fricks can feed himself, move in bed, use the restroom, and stand and pivot with minimal assistance. Though his left arm remains somewhat paralyzed, he can move his left upper shoulder and the fingers on his left hand. When Mr. Fricks isn’t doing therapy, he is always moving and doing bed exercises to continue his progress.

“Never stop. I keep going and pushing myself.”

Mr. Fricks will discharge home with his wife and continue with outpatient therapy to further his recovery.