Debbie Elliott

Debbie Elliott’s life revolves around her family and grandchildren. She spends as much time as possible with her four children, daughter-in-law, and seven grandchildren. When Debbie, 63, wasn’t with her family, she worked full-time at Stevenson School in Russellville, KY, and was an active member and youth director at Townsend Grove Missionary Baptist Church. Debbie was always on the go!

Debbie spends as much time as possible with her family

Then one day, Debbie had a stroke. Most of that day was just like any other day. First, Debbie went to church, then one of her grandkid’s games, and finally returned home to fold laundry. Initially, Debbie admitted to TriStar Skyline Medical Center in Tennessee to be treated for the stroke.

After initial treatment, Debbie needed intensive inpatient rehabilitation. Debbie’s physicians referred her to Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital. Her family recalled all the good things they’d heard about SKY, specifically regarding stroke rehabilitation, and agreed to transfer Debbie to SKY.

Debbie arrived at SKY facing many challenges due to the stroke, including aphasia. Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder defined by the inability to comprehend or formulate language. As a result of the stroke, Debbie required assistance with everything when she came to SKY. However, being an independent and “on-the-go” individual, Debbie was determined to overcome these new challenges.

Debbie continues to work hard to get back to her “always on the go” lifestyle

At SKY, Debbie made significant progress in regaining her independence. She and her family extended a special thanks to her therapists for their support and ongoing care. But her journey is not yet complete.

Having completed her inpatient therapy stay, Debbie discharged home. Debbie’s nephews are living with her to help out, and twice a week, her son drives her back to Bowling Green to continue her recovery. Debbie is glad she can keep working with Sylvia, her speech therapist at SKY, in outpatient therapy. A “go-getter,” Debbie is determined to return to school next year to work as a teacher’s aide.