Cynthia Browning

Cynthia Browning, 94, stayed busy working until she was 70 years old. She’s from Lebanon, KY, where she’s lived her whole life. She worked in a sewing factory and was also a teacher’s aide for 15 years until she retired at 70. She lived on a farm and loved growing roses as her hobby. She’s been widowed for two and a half years and married for 68 years. She has five children, two boys, and three girls. She also has 18 grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. She’s a member of St. Charles Church in Saint Mary, KY. Faith and family are a huge part of Cynthia’s life.

For the past two and a half years, Cynthia lived in an assisted living facility. She made friends and enjoys gardening. She takes care of the flowers throughout the facility. She also keeps the bird feeders full. The community brings her flowers to create bouquets for others to see and enjoy.

In October, Cynthia suffered a stroke. She was always healthy before, but the stroke left her feeling confused and unable to talk. She couldn’t move the left side of her body and required a feeding tube. She could still follow commands, making her a candidate to transfer to Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital.

Cynthia worked hard to achieve her recovery goals. The staff at SKY Rehab provided encouragement, support, and guidance during her recovery. She is back on a regular diet and doing the things she loves each day with some assistance.

She would like to extend a special thank you to Leslie Marshall (OT), Aleksey Nagornary (PT), and Sylvia Justice (ST) for their support and care.