Candy Amick

Many of us go to work each day expecting it to be like the others: uneventful. But what if one day, something occurred that forever impacted the way in which you function and think about your health? That’s what happened to Candy Amick.

Having just returned from a break, Candy became aware that her legs were not functioning correctly. Realizing there was something wrong, she alerted her co-workers who assisted her in getting to the factory’s on-site medical clinic. Within fifteen minutes of being in the clinic, Candy could no longer feel her left side. Candy was experiencing a stroke. Hypertensive medication was administered and she was taken to TJ Samson Community Hospital. At TJ Sampson, they promptly administered the clot-busting drug TPA. Candy then transferred to TriStar Skyline Medical Center in Nashville for further acute care.

Candy spent the next eleven days at Skyline, and recalls the efforts made to get her up and walking. But it wasn’t until she admitted to SKY Rehab that she realized what therapy could truly do for her. “[I received] 25 minutes of therapy per day at Skyline, compared to three hours of therapy per day at SKY,” Candy noted. “After coming to SKY there was so much more that I got to work on. Even just basic stuff, like taking a shower, going to the restroom, or dressing myself. I started getting motion back and walking so much more here. We worked on my left arm and used e-stim to shock my muscles to make them wake up and know that they needed to do something.”

Upon completion of her inpatient stay, Candy continued her therapies through the outpatient department at SKY. Each week, Candy works on her everyday tasks and it has surprised her how much she is able to do. “You don’t realize how big the simple things can be until you can’t do them,” she said. “In two months, I have taken a shower standing up three times. It’s funny how the simple things are so cool!”

The person that walked out of Candy’s house on the day of her stroke is not the same person that goes in today. Her therapists have helped her realize that fact, and accept that it is okay. Recognizing who she is today, Candy knows that there are going to be good days and bad days. But through continued effort and maintaining a positive attitude, Candy will succeed in her recovery.

Candy and her husband have committed to making choices that will have long-lasting, positive impacts on their health. They have both quit smoking and made healthy changes to their diets. Candy is diligent to remain compliant with daily medications. Her husband has since consulted a physician to ensure he is healthy, as well. They’re making these changes not only for themselves but for their family.

Candy has long-term goals for her recovery. She’s working toward tying her shoes, regaining enough function to return to work, and going on vacation with her husband. But the most important goal is to be able to pick up her grandchildren again. “Me and my husband are making changes so that we can be around for a while. We want to be able to enjoy our grandchildren!”

Given Candy’s confidence, determination, and willingness to do what is necessary to get herself physically able, we have no doubt she will achieve all her goals!