Aprile Patton

Sometimes we encounter moments that are so significant, that they impact us for the rest of our lives. And many times, they happen without any warning at all.

That is exactly what happened to Aprile Patton.

At only 42-years-old, Aprile unexpectedly suffered a major stroke. The stroke robbed Aprile of her independence and almost took her life. In critical condition at Skyline’s ICU, she fought for her life.

After five weeks at Skyline, Aprile became stable enough to move on to the next stage of her recovery. Inpatient rehabilitation offered Aprile the opportunity to regain her independence. She chose SKY Rehab to assist her on the road to recovery.

The journey would be a challenging one. Aprile arrived at SKY unable to use her right arm or leg. She required maximum assistance to perform all functions. Her speech was slow and difficult, which frustrated Aprile. “I knew what I wanted to say, but I couldn’t say it,” she recalled. “It was very challenging.”

Through her six-week stay at SKY, Aprile made tremendous progress. Her speech improved greatly. She regained strength in her arm and leg, which improved her ability to function independently.

Now, Aprile continues her recovery through SKY’s outpatient department. Aprile has regained much of her independence and walks with only the help of a cane. Her outpatient treatments include e-stim therapy, which continues to improve the strength of her muscles.

Aprile shared lots of praise for the staff at SKY Rehab. “They made me feel so special, like I was their only patient,” Aprile noted. “I received constant encouragement, even on days where I made little progress. I encourage anyone facing disabilities from a stroke to never question whether to come to SKY for rehabilitation. It was the best decision for me. I truly believe I would not be where I am today without SKY Rehab as a part of my rehabilitation!”

Aprile plans to return to work soon, doing everything possible to make that happen!

Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital is CARF-accredited for stroke and has a specific stroke specialty program. For more information, please contact us at 270-782-6900.