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Stroke Rehabilitation Program

Stroke survivors have the greatest potential for improvement when rehabilitation begins as soon as possible.

Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital proudly offers an advanced stroke rehabilitation program. Our rehab specialists can help prepare patients for returning home and to active lives by addressing:

  • Modifications in self-care activities.
  • Home modifications.
  • Communication and socialization changes.
  • Eating and nutrition concerns.
  • Visual and perceptual issues.
  • Mobility impairment.
  • Medications and pain management.
  • Paralysis and spasticity.
  • Emotional and behavioral changes.

Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital’s stroke rehab program provides:

We offer 24-hour nursing and daily physician management. Board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, also known as physiatrists, lead our hospital’s care team. Our skilled medical professionals understand the unique challenges of stroke recovery. They can monitor patients for complications, treat impairments, provide medication and nutrition management, and address any pain concerns. For individuals experiencing emotional or behavioral changes, our team of consulting specialists is available to help.

The effects of a stroke are unique to each individual. Depending on what part of the brain has been affected, different deficits and challenges may arise. Our team of rehab experts understands this and will develop a custom program for each patient based on their specific needs and goals. We offer advanced physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy services to address impairments that can be caused by a stroke.

Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital features state-of-the-art equipment, a spacious therapy gym, and functional living areas designed for patients to practice newly learned techniques before going home. We also can assist patients with finding the right assistive devices and medical equipment when needed. Our priority is helping each individual achieve their highest possible level of function and independence after suffering a stroke.

Excellent support after a stroke is critical to long-term recovery and wellbeing. We provide both patients and their family members with the personalized support, training, and education they need. Additionally, we offer a stroke and brain injury support group, which meets on the last Friday of each month at 3:00 pm. We also can help make connections with community resources and groups for ongoing support.

Our services are provided by a team of skilled, compassionate medical professionals. Learn more about our interdisciplinary team approach.

For more information about Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital’s stroke rehab program, contact us and let us know how we can help.

SKY Rehab offers a stroke and brain injury support group for survivors, their families, and caregivers.

We meet on the last Friday of each month at 3:00 pm to provide support, inspiration, motivation, education, and practical tips to help you on your journey.

Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital is proudly accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities for our stroke specialty program. This accreditation demonstrates our quality, accountability, and commitment to the satisfaction of the individuals we serve.