Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital Adds 15-Bed Brain Injury and Stroke Rehabilitation Unit

BOWLING GREEN, Ky., Aug. 17, 2022 – Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital recently expanded with the addition of a 15-bed, 8,400-square-foot unit dedicated exclusively to brain injury and stroke rehabilitation.

The new unit, which brings the hospital to a total of 76 beds, was designed to promote healing and help caregivers manage the unique needs of individuals recovering from brain injury and stroke.

“The new unit will be secluded,” shared Stuart Locke, the hospital’s CEO. “A typical hospital environment can be overstimulating for patients who’ve suffered an injury to the brain, so it’s important we provide an environment conducive to healing for patients who experience sensory issues and overload because of their condition.”

The addition features all private patient rooms, a neuro rehab gym, and an outdoor therapy courtyard. The patient rooms also include observation windows, allowing clinicians to observe the patient without needing to enter the room.

Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital has served members of the community who’ve suffered strokes and brain injuries since opening in 1992. However, the new addition allows the hospital to provide a highly specialized service not currently available elsewhere in the area.

“To see someone who has lost their independence regain it is very satisfying,” said Locke. “With our expansion, we will be able to help more people return to playing an active role in our community.”

In addition to its CARF-accredited inpatient Brain Injury Specialty Program and Stroke Specialty Program, Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital offers outpatient therapy services and ongoing brain injury and stroke support groups for community members.

About Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital

Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital is a 76-bed medical rehabilitation hospital located in Bowling Green that offers a specialized treatment option for individuals recovering from or living with debilitating injuries, illnesses, and chronic medical conditions. The hospital’s team of rehabilitation experts takes time to get to know patients and then develops treatment programs specific to each individual’s recovery goals, abilities, and needs. Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital has been accredited by The Joint Commission and by CARF International for the following services and specialty programs: Inpatient Rehabilitation (Adults, Adolescents, and Children), Brain Injury Specialty Program (Adults), and Stroke Specialty Program (Adults).