Travis Brown

Travis Brown had no memory from his two months on a ventilator. After contracting COVID-19, he fought for his life with the help of his care team at SKY.

Michelle Clemmons

Michelle Clemmons had a long battle with COVID-19, but with the support of her care team at SKY, she is happily returning home. She will continue her recovery with SKY’s outpatient therapy and looks forward to seeing her care team once again.

Ashley Durham

Two years ago, Ashley moved to Bowling Green with her family. She is a young stay-at-home mother of four children (three boys and one girl). With her supportive husband working, Ashley homeschooled their children during the pandemic. She never imagined how much, and how quickly, her life would change.

Marilyn Lamb

After suffering from a stroke, Marilyn Lamb leaned on her faith and the supportive staff at SKY to get back to better.

Rickey Boards

People are usually placed in our lives for a reason. Sometimes those people are exactly what we need to help us get through life-altering events. After suffering a massive stroke, Rickey Boards credited his life to the glory of God and the amazing people at SKY Reha.

Left without feeling or function in her lower extremities, Kristina Watson chose SKY Rehab to help her regain her prior level of function.

Kristina Grace

On her first day back, Kristina’s therapist came in and confidently told her that they were going to walk that day. He preceded to help her take five steps–the farthest she had walked in nearly two months.

Quentin Christian sustained extensive injuries in a motor vehicle accident that required several surgeries, followed by an inpatient rehab stay at SKY.

Quentin Christian

While trying to avoid an animal and protect his child, who was also in the vehicle, Quentin sustained extensive injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident this past October

Jeremy Harper came to SKY Rehab to regain his ability to walk after sustaining head and back injuries

Jeremy Harper

Fearing that he would never walk again, Jeremy did everything that was asked of him by his therapists.

Jacqueline Pope-Tarrence, Ph.D.

It’s not every day that an educator in the medical field has to experience something with which they are unfamiliar. Jacqueline Pope-Tarrence, Ph.D., an adjunct assistant professor at the UK College of Medicine at WKU, experienced just that.

Candy Amick

Many of us go to work each day expecting it to be like the others: uneventful. But what if one day, something occurred that forever impacted the way in which you function and think about your health? That’s what happened to Candy Amick.