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Kristina Grace

On her first day back, Kristina’s therapist came in and confidently told her that they were going to walk that day. He preceded to help her take five steps–the farthest she had walked in nearly two months.

Quentin Christian

While trying to avoid an animal and protect his child, who was also in the vehicle, Quentin sustained extensive injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident this past October

Jeremy Harper

Fearing that he would never walk again, Jeremy did everything that was asked of him by his therapists.

Jacqueline Pope-Tarrence, Ph.D.

It’s not every day that an educator in the medical field has to experience something with which they are unfamiliar. Jacqueline Pope-Tarrence, Ph.D., an adjunct assistant professor at the UK College of Medicine at WKU, experienced just that.

Candy Amick

Many of us go to work each day expecting it to be like the others: uneventful. But what if one day, something occurred that forever impacted the way in which you function and think about your health? That’s what happened to Candy Amick.

Roger Minyard

In March, Roger Minyard underwent surgery to unblock his left anterior descending artery. When a blockage in this artery causes a heart attack, it’s often called “the widowmaker.” Though Roger’s surgery was a success, COVID-19 complicated his recovery. The virus caused Roger to spend five days on a ventilator and eight weeks at Vanderbilt Medical Center.

Amanda Evans

Following cholecystectomy surgery in January, Amanda began to exhibit complications just before discharge. It started with tingling in her hands and her feet. Soon, it progressed to severe pain, weakness, and the inability to ambulate. This change in physical condition led to 98 days spent in two acute care hospitals. After transferring to University of Louisville Hospital, Amanda was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Stephen Young

One January day, Stephen wasn’t feeling right. A type one diabetic, he figured his blood sugar was too low. Rushed to the hospital, he soon learned that wasn’t the case. He had suffered an acute infarct stroke.

Aprile Patton

At only 42-years-old, Aprile unexpectedly suffered a major stroke. The stroke robbed Aprile of her independence and almost took her life. In critical condition at Skyline’s ICU, she fought for her life.

Susan Lockwood

August 2018 was a pivotal point in Susan Lockwood’s life. She had just been diagnosed with familial idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, or familial IPF. This is a condition in which scar tissue forms inside the lungs, slowing the flow of oxygen into the blood. The restricted flow impacts a patient’s ability to move and function.