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Mr. Fricks

When he arrived at SKY, Mr. Fricks was unable to do anything for himself. He lacked function in his hand and fingers to feed himself, and could not walk or use the restroom. Mr. Fricks was completely paralyzed with no movement, wholly dependent upon the therapy and nursing teams. But Mr. Fricks was ready to work.

Cristi Rudge

Cristi was out Christmas shopping with her youngest daughter when she had her stroke. She was admitted to Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, where she spent approximately two weeks. Then, Cristi’s doctors referred her to Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital for more intensive inpatient rehabilitation.

Virgil Brown

Virgil Brown worked through inpatient therapy at SKY Rehab after suffering a stroke. He looks forward to continuing his care with the same therapists in the outpatient therapy program.

Cynthia Browning

Cynthia Browning has a full life dedicating her time to faith and family. After suffering a stroke, she needed to find a facility to get her back to better.

Donna Bryan

With the support of her family, friends, and care team, Donna Bryan achieved her recovery goals after suffereing from COVID-19 and pneumonia.

Regina Bowles

Regina Bowles’s active lifestyle turned upside down after contracting COVID-19. She also suffered a stroke leaving her extremely weak. She came to SKY to work on her mobility and regain her independence.

Ms. Lee

Ms. Lee got the motivation she needed from her family and the staff at SKY Rehab to push through her recovery. After suffering a stroke, Ms. Lee worked with her care team on skills like speech and writing.

Travis Brown

Travis Brown had no memory from his two months on a ventilator. After contracting COVID-19, he fought for his life with the help of his care team at SKY.

Michelle Clemmons

Michelle Clemmons had a long battle with COVID-19, but with the support of her care team at SKY, she is happily returning home. She will continue her recovery with SKY’s outpatient therapy and looks forward to seeing her care team once again.

Ashley Durham

Two years ago, Ashley moved to Bowling Green with her family. She is a young stay-at-home mother of four children (three boys and one girl). With her supportive husband working, Ashley homeschooled their children during the pandemic. She never imagined how much, and how quickly, her life would change.