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Celebrating patient success at Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital!

At Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital, we believe in the transformative power of personalized care and rehabilitation. Our patient success stories highlight the remarkable journeys of individuals who have overcome significant illness or injury with the support of our dedicated team. These inspiring accounts showcase the resilience of our patients and the comprehensive, compassionate care that defines Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital.

Join us in celebrating these triumphs and discover how our specialized programs and therapies have made a meaningful difference in the lives of our patients.

Deidra Wilson

Three years ago, doctors found a glioblastoma in Deidra's brain. After receiving treatment with chemo and radiation, Deidra was cancer-free! Recently, Deidra ended up at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville after suffering a severe stroke. Deidra's doctors referred her to Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital for intensive inpatient rehabilitation.

Michelle Weaver

Michelle had been healthy with no warning signs when she fell one day getting into the shower. The symptoms then came fast -- numbness in her hands, feet, and tongue and trouble walking. She called 911 for help, and an ambulance transported her immediately to the hospital.

Gary Melson

Gary Melson, 63, has always been a busy and hardworking man. He lives in Columbia, KY, with his wife. He has worked all his life, and years ago, he started a side business with his dad called M&M Tree Topper. Unfortunately, on what seemed like a regular work day, Gary's life changed suddenly and dramatically when he fell out of his bucket truck, falling approximately 30 feet to the ground

Wesley Neff

Driving one day, Wesley was in a motor vehicle accident and sustained severe injuries. This experience proved a sudden and significant change for Wesley as he was a healthy man with no previous hospital stays before the accident.

Elsie Taylor

Since beating cancer, Elsie has been a healthy lady. But after some time, she began to notice a decline in her activities of daily living. For example, Elsie could no longer cook or stand for long periods of time, putting her canning on hold. As a result, Elsie would wind up undergoing a double knee replacement. Having previously recovered from a hip replacement at SKY Rehab Hospital, Elsie knew where to go for inpatient rehabilitation.

Kevin Crump

A healthy man, Kevin rarely ever needed medication. But earlier in the year, Kevin began experiencing headaches. After returning from a cruise with Amy, Kevin had to be taken to TJ Samson Hospital in Glasgow. Doctors diagnosed him with meningitis, possibly from bird droppings. But his case was so different UK Hospital sent him to Medical Center of Bowling Green.